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Oil and Electric Furnace Installation and Repair Services

You can count on Service Now Home Services for expert furnace installation services to ensure your home stays warm during the winter months.

You can count on Service Now Home Services for expert furnace installation services to ensure your home stays warm during the winter months. Maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature in your home or at your place of business is important to maintaining a happy and productive life in the greater Fox Valley area in Northern Illinois. We know that you may be nervous about hiring the right company or making sure you’re getting the service you deserve. We’re here to let you know that you can trust the furnace installation experts at Service Now Home Services. We’re local, trained, certified, and value professionalism and customer service.

Local Oil and Electric Furnace Installation

We serve the greater Fox Valley including Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Aurora, Winfield, Wheaton, West Chicago and more. Our technicians will arrive on site promptly and get the job done efficiently so you can begin enjoying your new climate controlled home as soon as possible. We know you expect a smooth installation process, that’s why we provide only the best and most knowledgeable contractors committed to the success of your furnace installation. You can trust that we’ll properly install your furnace as well as ensure it doesn’t result in problems later down the line. Expensive repair jobs are a result of poorly chosen furnaces or bad installation jobs. You never have to worry about that when you hire Service Now Home Services to install your furnace. Our team of HVAC contractors know the best equipment in the industry and can choose the right unit for your situation.

Furnace Repair

Many home repairs are perfect for DIY, the do-it-yourself approach. Not your furnace. We do not recommend tackling your own furnace repair, where even small problems can wreak havoc with the performance of your system. Our professionals are experienced, trained technicians who can identify the underlying cause of your problem quickly and without causing further damage.

You may need a simple, inexpensive repair, a replacement part or even an entirely new furnace installation. Trust us to give you the facts and all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We Offer:

  • Emergency Repairs: When your furnace fails we’ll be there in a jiffy. Call us 24/7 when you need help fast.
  • Dirty Filter Replacement: A dirty filter clogs and hinders the flow of air through your furnace. We provide critical regular maintenance, ensuring that the lifespan of your furnace is optimized.
  • Pilot Light Inspection: Your pilot light and ignition control system is your furnace gatekeeper and any problems can prevent the furnace from heating properly. We address these issues quickly.
  • Thermostat Repair and Replacement: If you’re consistently too hot or too cold we know what to do.

We Answer Questions and Explain Options

If a new furnace is your best option, we help you understand the pros and cons of each choice and answer all your questions. We take care of the time consuming tough stuff, sourcing necessary permits and scheduling county quality inspections to ensure your new furnace complies with local safety and building codes.

Service Now Home Services provides ongoing furnace maintenance to eliminate headaches before they occur!

After your system is installed, we provide regular heating and cooling maintenance to ensure your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency. During Service Now Home Services Annual Maintenance Checkups we clean your unit, inspect it and make sure the system is operating safely. Call us today!

A Team You Can Count On in Fox Valley

When you contact us to schedule an appointment, we can give you an estimate for our services. Service Now Home Services is happy to discuss any questions you may have about the oil or electric furnace installation process as well as keep you informed about the details of your installation. Stop being uncomfortable in your own home or business! Hire Service Now Home Services for expert furnace installation and start staying warm.