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Heating Equipment Maintenance Service and Repair

Our team of trained and experienced HVAC contractors can repair almost any make or model of heating system that may be causing you problems.

It can be hard to find the right heating equipment repair and service maintenance professionals in the greater DeKalb area, but you've come to the right place. Service Now Home Services can help you overcome winter and keep your heat going in Northern Illinois. Our team of trained and experienced HVAC contractors can repair almost any make or model of heating system that may be causing you problems. We specialize in furnace install, repair, cleaning, tune-ups. We'll get your heating system back in working condition so you can rest easy in a warm, comfortable home.

We're a Full-Service Heating Repair and Maintenance Company

We're a team of experienced heating contractors that can provide repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of heating system makes and models. Whether your furnace isn't working properly or your pilot light is having problems, we can help. With the right skilled and qualified heat repair professionals, we'll have your heat working again in no time. Don't trust an amateur to repair your central heating system, as it could cost you even more in repairs down the line or worse, result in an electrical fire. This is NOT a DIY job! Hire the professional servicemen at Service Now Home Services.

An old system that has lost its efficiency over time will skyrocket your utility bills. We can provide tune-ups to old systems that are still in fairly good condition or provide new heating system installation services. Either way, we will ensure that your heating system is working at peak efficiency for its particular make, model, and age. Stop using space heaters or wearing warm clothes indoors! Our heat system repair services will address your needs and get your system back in working order.

Benefits of Annual Heating System Maintenance

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your heating system up and running all season long with no surprise breakdowns while operating at top efficiency. You rarely see your heating system face to face, so it's easy to forget about it and neglect it. Imagine doing the same with your car. If you never have the oil changed or refuse to take your car in for any kind of tune-up until the check-engine light comes on, you can't expect it to last more than a couple of years.

What can you expect from your newly tuned-up heating system? Is the cost of maintenance really worth it? You should consider that some benefits of regular maintenance are immediate while others prevent future problems from developing. Some of the most prominent benefits include:

  • Lower energy bills: you might assume that since the equipment is heating or cooling your home without any apparent problem that everything is fine. However, have you taken a look at your energy bills lately? A neglected system slowly loses its ability to keep your home comfortable at the same level of efficiency it once did. Just as a car tune-up delivers better gas mileage, your heating system consumes less fuel after receiving professional maintenance.
  • Fewer repairs: do you hear a strange sound or notice an odd odor coming from your furnace? Calling for a tune-up right away could help catch problems before they become disastrous. For example, a fraying belt could result in strange operating noises. If a technician replaces it in time, you can avoid the expensive repair that results from a snapped belt whipping around inside. By preventing future repairs, annual maintenance pays for itself
  • Longer equipment life: furnaces and other heating equipment function best when they're regularly serviced and cleaned. One malfunctioning part can cause a domino effect that causes the entire system to break down. Regular maintenance prevents this from happening and adds years to your equipment's lifespan.
  • Safer equipment operation: a failing heating system does more than cost a lot of money to repair; it also can endanger your family. For instance, if the furnace develops a crack in the heat exchanger, carbon monoxide gas can escape and poison the air you breathe. Also, electric heating systems can develop a short circuit, which is a serious fire hazard if ignored. Clearly, your family's safety is yet another reason to schedule annual heating system maintenance.

Staying Warm is Good for Your Health

Allowing yourself, your family, or your employees to be vulnerable to the cold leaves them open to illness or other health problems. Not having a working heating system in this part of the country can become a matter of personal safety. Seniors, children and those often affected by chronic illness are the most at risk when living in a home that is consistently too cold. Don't take this risk. When you need heating repairs to get your central heating system working better or more efficiently, contact us. We serve DeKalb, Sycamore, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Aurora, Winfield, Wheaton, West Chicago, and more! Request a consultation today.